Gost Tutorial 2(全文失效,请勿阅读)


You may encounter such problems. Some devices (such as Nintendo Switch or PS4) only support HTTP proxy in their default network settings, but you cannot effectively build an HTTP proxy with a password.

This article teaches you to set up an HTTP proxy with a password

Install Gost

See previous article


Attempt 1

Add password directly to HTTP proxy when setting up Gost

./gost -L http://user:passwd@:8080

This turned out to be wrong

why? I think that if you add a password directly in the HTTP proxy settings, you may need to enter the user name and password when browsing the website in the browser instead of using the console’s automatic authentication function

Attempt 2

./gost -L tcp://user:passwd@:8080/ -L http://:8080

It turns out that you need to use a TCP entry, add a password to the TCP entry, and then forward the traffic to the port where the passwordless HTTP proxy is located


After understanding how to set up an encrypted HTTP proxy, you can set it according to your needs. You can directly set the HTTP proxy locally, or set the HTTP proxy on the server and use the encrypted TCP entry on the client, and then use the WebSocket tunnel to forward traffic from the client to the server.